REIT – SYFE Review

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REIT – SYFE Review

What is SYFE?

SYFE is a digital wealth manager licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under a Capital Markets Services License. The company provides fully-managed investment portfolios for everyone, making it easier for everyone to invest in various part of the markets such as Equity, REITs, and money market funds.

Reason I use SYFE REIT+

I use SYFE’s REITs+ with Risk Management portfolio as one of the components of my investment portfolio.

I found SYFE as I was looking for ways to start investing in the REIT market with my idle funds. I was skeptical of my ability to picking the best REIT and SYFE offering fits with what I wanted offering:

  1. A basket of REITs so that i would not need to choose which REITs to follow.
  2. No minimum deposit as I was relatively new to the market and did not want to deposit so much upfront
  3. The 0.65% fees is acceptable as compared to the other REITs-ETF out there without additional brokerage fees, etc and it gets even lower when the deposit is >20k at 0.5%. Also, I get to enjoy first 6 months free of fees when I signed up.
  4. Ability to deposit and withdraw at any time with no additional fees (I have not yet tried the withdraw option but from what I have read from others there has been no issue of withdrawal)
  5. SYFE is also regulated by MAS and the funds are separated from SYFE account in a separate trust account.

Since the 29 May 2020, I have consistently built up funds by depositing $500 per month. I have contributed $7k so far.

Returns result for SYFE REIT with Risk Mgmt Portfolio since May 2020

According to the report, I have gained a time-weighted return of 3.4% on my investment so far. Although this is considerably less than what I would expect, this may just be due to the current market conditions.

I only started investing in S-REITs just after the market rebound in S-REITs. Since then, the S-REIT Index has appreciated by about 4%, which is similar to the performance of my portfolio since I did not invest $7000 from the start.

Since I am looking at this investment on a longer term basis, I hope that these returns will ultimately converge to those expected from a REIT portfolio.

S-REIT Index performance ( index tracked by SYFE REITs portfolio)

Features Summary
Deposit: Quite fast, usually received and invested in the market by next day

Withdrawal: Not Yet Tested

Ease of Use: The web app looks clean and responsive. All of what is needed can be found on the dashboard. Portfolio creation and setup also feels fine as I have had no issue setting up my portfolio with them.

Returns: A bit meh~ but it might just be the current market conditions. May provide another update at the end of the year to see the results so far.

Fees: Relatively comparable to other Robo-advisor in the Singapore Market. 0.65% < 20k. And it gets reduced to 0.5% at 20k and 0.4%at 100k deposited.

Referral Code: Use SRPSKVSAQ in the referral code if you are interested in signing up to enjoy 6 months fee waiver on the first $30k that you deposit in SYFE. I will also receive the rewards as shown below.

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