Portfolio Review(June2021) – Draft

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Portfolio Review(June2021) – Draft

Wanted to do this update at the beginning of July but was too busy to do so I am just going to publish my draft and maybe update again at a later date or when I finalize the format I want to do. Maybe a quarterly update or something. Gonna get inspiration from other website first. Just giving my thoughts on each part of my portfolio.

P2P Loans
My money is in many different places and waiting for them to mature/restructure/default(most likely) the remaining P2P loans. Based on projection, it should take about 5 years for all the loans to be declared completed or defaulted.

ETF (3067, VWRA, G3B.SI)
The boring investment. This is where most of my invested money were at before I started trading options in November 2020. Since then, I have reduced the holdings by half to put into my options trading and stopped putting more money into the ETFs and channeled them into the options.

Stocks (BABA, LEV, NIO, AMD)
I am mainly invested in BABA since roughly 2 years or so. The reason I bought then was because I was shopping from Tao Bao and I liked it. However, I made the mistake of joining the hype when they announced they are going to IPO ANT financial and doubled my holdings on it when it was at $300 right at the peak and lost whatever profits I had gained. Currently it is just sitting there hoping for all the bad press to be over and for it to reach back to $300. Other stocks in there are only a very small percentage as compared to BABA so I will not be discussing them.

I have talked about where I purchased my REITS. For more details, you can refer to this blog post. Mainly I use SYFE REIT+ as my REIT portfolio.

Majority of my idle cash are sitting inside Singtel Dash! EasyEarn program which I have talked in a another blog post. 65% of the cash is actually for my put options while the rest are my emergency cash. I am planning to move my remaining balance/emergency fund to SYFE Cash+ to get higher interest rate. The reason is that I do not see the need to keep large sum of cash in my balance. For big ticket item, usually there is no need to immediately pay or can be paid via credit card. It takes up to 4 days for the withdrawal from SYFE cash+ back to my account or next day withdrawal for EasyEarn. Worse case, borrow from credit card/broker/family first and pay it back once I have the money.

This is the first month I am buying cryptocurrency even though I knew of it since around 2015. I saw meteoric rise and fall of this cryptocurrency for many times but stayed clear off it as my risk tolerance was not that high until fairly recently. I am currently now invested with a small portion of my portfolio in order to gain some understanding of it. Depending on how it goes, I may allocate more or less of my portfolio to it.

Options (too many to list)
I think I went overboard with the allocation and I should cut back on this before I destroy my portfolio. 65% of the cash in the saving insurance should also be under this section as they are there to maintain capital assignment from the short put options I made. So it took over a big part of my current portfolio in a short amount of time (<1 year). I made a tidy gain on this part of my portfolio which also partly explains the bigger size. (I am greedy and I put more money into it). I should probably stop adding to this part of my portfolio and resume my ETFs allocation. Over time, I would most probably try to keep this to less than 25% of my portfolio and increase my ETFs/Reits allocation to reduce risk.

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