P2P Lending Review Crowdo

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P2P Lending Review Crowdo

Investment: As with my other P2P investment, I only used the auto invest function to invest in loans that are greater than B grade. The auto invest function is easy to set up and once setup, you can just leave it running for it to make all the investment that meet the desired grade.

Deposit: As I am depositing to Crowdo from Singapore, I do need to go through some loops in order to deposit money into the account. I deposit through TransferWise. The support are very understanding for TransferWise as a lot of their customer also uses TransferWise so they were able to provide quick support for my issues when i first deposited with them.

Withdrawal: There were no issue with my withdrawals, and the fees are relatively inexpensive for withdrawal. A S$200 would cost around S$2 in fees as they use another fintech company in order to reduce the transaction cost for customer. It is still high but relatively acceptable for a cross border exchange as compared to other overseas P2P lending website I tried. (the bank it uses charges $40 for a $130 transfer from Malaysia).

Returns: As shown, it shows a 19.78% IRR which I think also accounts for defaulted loan. I have started withdrawing since last year so most of the loans are starting to mature or already matured. Now, most of the remaining loans in Crowdo are under delayed, so there is a likely chance that some of them would become default loans. In total, I would say I lost roughly 5million IDR on a 30million IDR investment as it is also likely that all delayed loans become default loans.

Delayed Loans: Crowdo does show that it is taking steps to follow up on loans that are in delay. Although the updates are kinda slow, some updates are better than no updates. It will take some time before the collection efforts shows. So this will be kept in mind and I might schedule an update in maybe a few months time.

Overall, for now, it does seem proactive with the collections of delayed loan, so if it is able to collect all the delayed loans, it might be a good platform to diversify the platform risk for Indonesia. Nonetheless, this is only if it manage to collect back all the delayed loan that I have in my account. Judging from most of the collection details it gave, it will still be quite some time before most of them can be collected.

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