BOUGHT 2 ONCT Jul16’21 5 PUT @ 0

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BOUGHT 2 ONCT Jul16’21 5 PUT @ 0

BOUGHT 2 ONCT Jul16’21 5 PUT @ 0

Stock Price: 4.19

Cost Basis: 4.10

Review: Assigned Short Put. Although current stock price is higher than my cost basis. I would prefer if the short puts would not be assigned.
I will proceed with selling covered call on this stock position with the intention to close, i.e. sell call options at strike price @2.5 or 5.0 depending on the market.
Things that may be of use in future:
1. Insider purchase are general counsel and not executive insiders
2. Biotech company are volatile in nature. Might need to reduce more of these in my portfolio since I should be looking for stable companies for shorting puts and do not enjoy as much gains when it pop.

Stock: ONCT
Ticker: ONCT Jul16’21 5 PUT

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