BOUGHT 1 ZGNX Jul16’21 21 PUT @ 0

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BOUGHT 1 ZGNX Jul16’21 21 PUT @ 0

BOUGHT 1 ZGNX Jul16’21 21 PUT @ 0

Stock Price: 16.99

Cost Basis: 18.11

Review: Assigned put in the money. Proceed to sell covered call on this to exit this trade.

The entry was made due to chairman of the board was purchasing. 2 Other director also joined in this trade after the entry of the options.

However, same as other biotech stock that closed this month. I should be looking to reduce the number of short put position I hold in this industry as this might not work that well with the short put strategy due to its high volatility. We shall see after this trade exits.

Stock: ZGNX
Ticker: ZGNX Jul16’21 21 PUT

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