BOUGHT 1 IMUX Jul16’21 12.5 PUT @ 0

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BOUGHT 1 IMUX Jul16’21 12.5 PUT @ 0

BOUGHT 1 IMUX Jul16’21 12.5 PUT @ 0

Stock Price: 9.58
Cost Basis: 11.7

Review: Assigned Short Put. Probably down due to the equity offering >>
Looking to sell covered calls on this stock next month, probably in the 10 to 12
All assigned put this month were from biotech. so same as other biotech puts closed this month, may look to reduce exposure to this industry due to its volatility. We shall see based on the closure of this options.

1. A number of Executive Insider purchases by insider above this price.
2. I noticed some stock with insider buying before stock issuance, this is one of them, shall take note of their development

Stock: IMUX
Ticker: IMUX Jul16’21 12.5 PUT

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